Calendar Events & Achievements

In our coming Events

  • Funeral & Tribute to: Simon Oloo who was the founder member of ITCC Which is known as ICU in diaspora of Nambale & Matayos ICU as the Vice Chairperson. He will be laid to rest on 29th at his home Kibera (Amukura division, Teso South). 

  • The Kenya Region Executive meeting will be held on Tuesday 1st June, 2021 at Amukura near CDF office.   

Calendar Events & Achievements

  • Successfully participated in the Burial Ceremony of the late Hon. DPM G. Itela

  • Peacefully carried out our election to Fill in the Vacancy of Regional Chairperson (Hon. Ongaria P.J) elected


  • Interacted with Kenya National Museum archives and successfully helped establish the Iteso Centre at National Heroes Museum in Nairobi.


  • Partnered with the Kenya Forestry Services to establish preservation of indigenous trees and herbs- This is an ongoing activity.


  • Documenting our Language, customs and values – This is an ongoing activity.  


  • Establish Emormor savings and co-operatives society recruitment of membership – Ongoing  


  • Recruitment of ICU membership – Ongoing activity


  • Launched of  ICU website

Our Focus in 2021

  1. To address issues of youth Employment and Delinquency with Focus on

  • Value Addition

  • Cottage Industries

  • Industrial Parks


2. Focus on early marriages and pregnancies.


3. Address community health issues i.e

  • COVID 19


  • Other Communicable Diseases

4. Economic Growth


5. Help Establish withing the members the following:-

  • Bee Hives

  • Local Poultry

  • Fish Ponds

6. Target at least 1,000 Members to participate in the sacco – Emormor Sacco


7. All this activities to be done with other actors like:

  • Government agencies

  • International NGO’s

  • CBOS

  • And other non-governmental bodies


8. Focus on Documenting History through the establishment of the book series entitled Ijeni Ijo?


9. This series will document among others:

  • Our History

  • Our Leadership

  • Pioneers

  • Customs and values

  • Folklore E.t.c