What we do

  • Preserving and promoting music, dance, drama, poetry sports and other like activities of the Iteso;
  • Preserving, developing and promoting the ateso language by speaking, reading, writing and recording proceedings.
  • Promoting research into the history of the Iteso and to publish the findings of any such research;
  • Setting up and support cultural centres and museums for the preservation and promotion of the Iteso culture and history;
  • Encouraging the Iteso clans to organize themselves and appoint or elect their clan leaders who shall be the pinnacle of unity and development within their community;
  • Encouraging and promoting educational., scientific and socio-economic development of the Iteso;
  • Establishing the Office of the Cultural Leader, His Highness, The Emorimor Papa Iteso as a vanguard of the Unity and Prosperity of the Iteso;
  • Engaging in Trade, Commerce and Industry and to invest and own properties in order to generate necessary funds for the running of the union.
  • Doing all other such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.